A view of the beautiful hand carved Victorian pews with "Polly" the Eagle Lecturn.  The lecturn masqueraded as a money box during 1649 - 1660.

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Church Memorials

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We have endeavoured to provide on these pages information and photographs of some of the memorials that are situated within the church building.  For a full and exhaustive list of ALL memorials please visit *  Monumental Inscriptions for Coventry Holy Trinity. (List of names taken from the fiche of Monumental Inscriptions for The Holy Trinity Church in Coventry taken with permission from Fiche number I102 sold by BMSGH published  kind permission of the Birmingham and Midland Society for Genealogy and Heraldry Transcription kindly submitted by Carole Eales)  We will attempt to place photographs of most memorials seen in church in time so please revisit us occasionally!
  • All Vicars of Holy Trinity Church are listed on a wooden plaque board in the oldest part of the church, The Archdeacons Court. The plaque can be seen here with all the vicars engraved.  Follow either the link on the left or click on the image to find out more about many of these different vicars, find out when they were with us, and see any memorials pertaining to them within the building.

  • All other memorials are listed on our Other Memorials page.  These are not exhaustive because the numbers are too numerous and it is, therefore,  operationally impossible to catalogue every one for the purposes of this, a personal,  unofficial and un-sponsored site.  We have tried to include the inscriptions in full too so that visitors can quickly ascertain whether or not the remains of the deceased reside anywhere within the church building, associated churchyards, or elsewhere.

* Note:  This link takes you to a page with names that include the living simply because the collector took names of previous vicars from the big wooden plaque in the Archdeacon's Court and elsewhere! Also - memorials are  included for people who's remains do NOT reside within Holy Trinity or its' own or associate graveyards)

Caveat: Please note that this web site is strictly unofficial and therefore  this list should not be relied upon to provide  a full, complete and accurate record.    Anyone wishing for a complete and accurate record is advised to contact the appropriate authorities that hold such information. (see third party link provided above)