A view of the beautiful hand carved Victorian pews with "Polly" the Eagle Lecturn.  The lecturn masqueraded as a money box during 1649 - 1660.

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Other Memorials

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We have attempted to provide some limited memorial information here based on our own photographic and video work within the church.  All memorials below are in alphabetical order. (multiple images edited and joined for legibility and completeness) 
Apologies if legibility is compromised but the best has been achieved in the circumstances provided.


John Bohun d 12 February 1691,
Mary Bohun, wife of John Bohun.
The above memorial presently resides in the Archdeacon's Court at the south west end. 
The inscription reads: "Near this place lyeth interred the body of John Bohun of Finham in the County of Warwick Gentlemen who departed This life the twentythird day of February 1691 together with Mary Bohun his late Wife by whom he had one only daughter Named Mary who after his death and in the life time of her Mother was Marryed to George Lucy of Charlecote  in the said County of Warwick  Esqr  She died without Issue and lyeth Interred in the Parish Church of Charlcote aforefaid the loffe of Her was much regretted by All that were related to her  In memory of whom and of Her faid Father this Monument Was errected in perfueance of The last Will and Testament of the Said Mary Bohun the Mother who departed this Life in the Seventyeth year of Her age and in the Seventeenth Year of her Widow hood."


Jacob Caldicott:  Clerk and Sexton of Holy Trinity Church.  Brass plaque and cross placed in the church in his memory.


Patrick Darnell b1883 - d1966- memorial below is actually on the big wooden money chest next to the Great West Door.
Charles Davidson - d1910. Brass memorial on the south wall in the chancel of the church. 
Walter Dickins, Accountant Warden. Died 1917.


George Eliot (novelist: Mary Ann Evans).  Memorial placed near to the Marler Chapel.  She attended the church between 1840 - 1849 and her father Robert Evans was a Sidesman.


"Sydney James Fletcher of the South African Constabulary who died in the performance of his Duty at Vlakfontein East South Africa on Oct 3. 1901 Aged 23 Years. this tablet is erected by those associated with him at the Holy Trinity Sundy School in this City"
This brass plaque is placed on the south wall in the chancel.


Ltd.Col. A.W.Hallows, OBE. President of Coventry & District Branch RASC/RCT Association.

The Plaque (placed in the Peace Chapel) was Donated by the Branch in 1997.

"To the Memory of The Honourable Ambrosia George and Elizabeth Hewitt the only issue of James Viscount Lifford (Late Lord Chancellor of Ireland) By Ambrosia His Consort.  The Monument, beneath which in God's appointed time her own remains will be deposited, was erected by their disconsolate mother in the year of our Lord 1796."  This monument is now at the West End of the church, together with others, after the Victorian re-ordering of the interior of the building.
Juliana Hewitt, wife of the Hon and Rev John P Hewitt. d.29 August 1827 aged 26 years.  Plaque again placed in West end of church after Victorian re-ordering.  Text is as follows "Sacred to the Memory of Juliana Hewitt, Wife of the Hon. and Rev John P Hewitt, who departed this life August 29, 1827, aged 26 years.  A tender and most affectionate wife: a most anxious and attentive mother: A dutiful and attached daughter: In all the different relations of life she adorned the doctorin of God, her Saviour, in all things.  All virtues and graces, which adorn a friend, much more a wife, were united in her, in very high perfection,
By a constant spirituality of mind, rarely exhibited, she gave those delightful manifestations of a sanctified heart, showing she was preparing for the holy and blessed company of the redeemed.  That multitude, which man can number who, having come out of great tribulation, have washed their robes, and made them white, in the blood of the Lamb.
But deeply alive to the corruption in her own heart, All was unfeignedly aknowledged by her to be the work of divine and sovereign graces........."

HMS Coventry









This memorial is placed in the now named "Peace Chapel" on the North Side of the church.

The plaque is placed in memory of all those who died in the loss of HMS COVENTRY 25 May 1982.  Names of lost are as follows:
Frank Armes, John Caddy, Paul Callus, John Dobson, Michael Fowler, Rodney Heath, Ian Hall, Kyu Beb Kwo, Glen Robinson Molcke, David Ozbirn, Adrian Sunderland, Geoffrey Stockwell, David Strickland, Ian Turnbull, Ian Williams.

Samuel Hunt.  Died 18 August 1736 in the 78th year of his life.  Also of his wife Hannah Hunt, who died 6 November 1742 in the 82nd year of her life.
Also of Tho(ma)s.Hunt who died 20 February 1752 aged 50.


Inscription reads: To the Memory of James 3rd Viscount Lifford.  Many years resident at Astley Castle in this country.

His remains are deposited  in Kensal Green Cemetery Middlesex.  The Law prohibited the opening of the family vault in this church in which are interred his father the Second Viscount, Dean of ARMAGH, son of the first Viscount, who for thirty years was LORD CHANCELLOR OF IRELAND



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