A view of the beautiful hand carved Victorian pews with "Polly" the Eagle Lecturn.  The lecturn masqueraded as a money box during 1649 - 1660.

Holy Trinity Church Coventry's History Pages .....Sarah and Andrew invite you to.... come in and "take a pew"......

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Holy Trinity Organ

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Welcome to these pages on Holy Trinity organ.  Below you can read a time line history (part of which has been copied from a public leaflet in church) of the organ from its' inception until the time that it was dismantled and removed and on the left follow links to the current specification and articles.

Before reading about the history of this now sadly defunct organ, please see this video of Holy Trinity in which Andrew Price, a former organist of Holy Trinity, plays Mohrentanz by Susato which shows off the organ reeds.  This was recorded on Easter Monday 1997.

The Pipes of the Organ

1526 Earliest recorded organ, built by John Howe and John Clynmowe of London for £30.  Late 16th Cent. Dismantled as the Puritan Clergy at Trinity disapproved of organs.
1631 Samuel Buggs (Vicar), "procured" a replacement instrument.
1640's Puritans back in charge, organ sold for £30.
1684 Robert Haywood of Bath installed an organ for £100.
1732 The German Thomas Swarbrick, who also supplied a new organ for St. Michael's (The Old Cathedral), built one for Trinity for £600.  It was placed upon a gallery erected for it across the nave and had two manuals.
1829 Swell and Pedal added.
1855-61 As part of the G G Scott Restoration of the Church a new organ chamber was built in the western most bay of the south chancel aisle, where the pipes still are.  This instrument of three manuals plus pedals, was built by Foster and Andrews for £800.
1900 Rebuilt by W Hill and Sons with some of the old work incorporated; four manuals.
1923 Electric blowing chest added
1933 J  Charles Lee of Coventry added pneumatic pistons.
1961 Rebuilt for £12,200 by the firm of H Willis, the organ comprises 59 speaking stops, each with 61 pipes, along with 30 couplers and 3 tremelos. 
2001 Exploratory trip to America with Jonathan Ambrosino (find out more about the trip here from Jonathan himself!)  by Jeremy Filsell (son of a churchwarden, Sheila Filsell) and Christopher Howard (Director of Music) to explore the possibility of purchasing a new American organ.  This involved a 5 city tour.
2002 Sadly the current organ has been declared beyond repair and Kenneth Tickell,  organ builder in Northampton has been commissioned to build a new pipe organ - time scale yet to be announced.  The citing of the new organ is likely to be in the North transept. (details yet to be announced)
2007 Removal of the whole organ/console/pipes and installation of a Phoenix digital organ until such time sufficient funds are raised to build a new one.  

For more details see:-

  • B Poole: "Coventry: Its History and Antiquities"
  • Anon:- "The Story of the Parish Church of Holy Trinity Coventry"
  • M J Hinman:- "Coventry Churches 1725 - 1780

All these works may be found in the Search Room Library of the City Record Office, Mandela House, Bailey Lane, Coventry