A view of the beautiful hand carved Victorian pews with "Polly" the Eagle Lecturn.  The lecturn masqueraded as a money box during 1649 - 1660.

Holy Trinity Church Coventry's History Pages .....Sarah and Andrew invite you to.... come in and "take a pew"......

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Of Holy Trinity Church: The original church was built by the Benedictine monks for their tenants.  The oldest  part is the 13th Century North Porch, although a Church stood here as early as 1113 and was destroyed by fire in 1257.   
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I, Sarah and my husband, Andrew, welcome you all to www.take-a-pew.org.uk,  our informal and unofficial site on the history of Holy Trinity Church, Coventry. (Please read our caveat below) Simply hover your mouse over each of our different links on our image map below to find out what we have to offer  and click to select.  Each page will link to further pages with more on that topic.  

 Find out all about the Doom Painting here.  Find links to regular monthly reports on its current restoration and find out more about the iconography with our interactive flash movie and character map too! (all taken from the public display in church) Travel here on a virtual tour of Holy Trinity which is illustrated with photographs and descriptions Our own unique cross stitch designs inspired by the Hugh Easton West Window.  If you download these patterns please contribute a donation to Holy Trinity too so that the church can continue to be available to future generations Try out these java applet sliding puzzles of some church stained glass.  See how well your remember those designs! Read all about the current organ, its history and specification.  Read also a third party article from 'Musical Opinion' magazine published with permission  Save your neck strain and have a look at the stations of the cross on the church ceiling here complete with close up pictures! Check all our links here!  Visit the official web site too! For all those seeking their family tree history.  This will take you to further information and third party links to other helpful genealogy sites  Spare a moment and come in to our prayer room.  Enjoy the beauty of this historic house of prayer in a moment of silence, private prayer and reflection Check out some photos of Trinity and its surrounds.....both inside and out.........past and present Read all about the church history courtesy of the Coventry City Council - article taken from the Heritage Weekend leaflet with permission Find out more about all of our vicars, past and present and also check out some other memorials in the church too! See how well you remember details of the virtual tour here.  Try the crossword and see how you do! Find out more about the new dove of peace weather vain - this replaced the old cockerel after the recent spire restoration work Sign our guest book and then see what others have written!  


DO note that we do not represent the church in any way and this is very much a "fan site".   We wish to  extol our love of the church where we were both married, the church where my (Sarah) parents were married in, and the church where my father, brother and mother had their funerals and where their ashes are now interred in the churchyard.  

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PLEASE NOTE: These are historic pages of Holy Trinity Church and the church interior may have changed since our photographs were taken as they do not post date 2005.

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