A view of the beautiful hand carved Victorian pews with "Polly" the Eagle Lecturn.  The lecturn masqueraded as a money box during 1649 - 1660.

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Holy Trinity Time Line 

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Note: mostly taken from the time line in the current guide book available in the church. (note: some personalisation added - after all this is our tribute to Holy Trinity as OUR historical family church!)



1043 Oct 4th Consecration of Benedictine Cathedral Church of St Mary's, founded by Godiva. 
1113  First reference to Holy Trinity Church
1217 Henry III grants right to hold The Great Fair in connection  with feast of the Holy Trinity.
1257 Norman Church of Holy Trinity destroyed by fire.
1287 Indulgences and pardons of 40 days granted to all who contribute to church maintenance.
1349 Black Death.  Many perish among Priory monks and Trinity church members.
1350 Archdeacon's Court already in existence.
1392 Our Lady's Chapel founded by Corpus Christi Guild for one priest to sing Mass daily.
1522 Holy Trinity now has eleven priests and two chantry priests, besides the Vicar.  In addition to the High Altar there appear to have been around eight others.
1539 Dissolution of the Monasteries.  Cathedral church of St Mary and the Priory taken by the crown on 15th January.  Holy Trinity deprived of all but two of its priests.
1546 William Benet appointed Vicar.  He is deprived of his living by Queen Mary when she comes to the throne in 1553, because of being a married priest.
1560 High Altar and Rood Screen taken down and first Protestant Communion Table provided.
1564 Seats installed for congregation in St Thomas's Chapel. (Peace Chapel)
1573 A large bell is bought from White Friars monastry for 20.
1590 Two silver-gilt chalices purchased and inscribed by the church-wardens to replace ones stolen in 1589. (still in use today)
1606 Clock replaced at base of steeple.
1644 John Bryan appointed Vicar by Parliament.  He takes a lease on land at the west of the old Priory Church in order to build Tower House (later the site of original Blue Coat School).  He will be removed from office for non-conformity in 1662, after King Charles II comes to the throne.
1658 Mayor presents new treble bell to the church, bringing the number of bells to six.
1714 Blue Coat School is founded on the site of John Bryan's Tower House.
1744 A new Vicarage is built on the site of Jesus Hall.
1831 The Medieval Frescos on the north side of the chancel are washed away.  Rediscovery of Doom Painting.
1865 The bells are removed from the bell tower and placed in a wooden companile in the burial ground on the north side of the church originally part of St Mary's Cathedral.
1940 Nov 14th Canon Graham Clitheroe and three others saved Holy Trinity from destruction by extinguishing incendiaries dropped during enemy air-raids.
1951 Owen Davies and Hilary Davies make Holy Trinity Church their home church and become regular worshippers.  Owen Davies soon becomes a Holy Trinity guide.  A job he loved and did up to the day before he sadly  dropped dead after suffering a massive heart attack. 
1953 The marriage of Owen Williams Davies and Hilary Doreen Payton. (my, Sarah's parents) Canon Clitheroe officiated.
1955 John Davies, son of Owen and Hilary Davies baptised by Canon Clitheroe.
1957 Sarah Jane Davies, daughter of Owen and Hilary Davies baptised by Canon Graham Clitheroe.

Note: here you can see the signature of Canon Graham W Clitheroe himself!!

1964 Catherine Mary Davies, daughter of Owen and Hilary Davies, is baptised by Canon Graham Clitheroe.  See our page on Canon Clitheroe and download a video file with this baptism on.
1975 Opening of new Church Centre, constructed on the site of the campanile.  This was accomplished during the time of Vicar Nigel Abbott,  who made the project possible.
1980 Funeral of Owen Williams Davies, (died 14 October) beloved husband to Hilary and  father of Sarah, John and Catherine.  The Reverend Ken Lindop  officiated.  He is now Vicar at St Mary's Cubbington. (near Royal Leamington Spa)

(with thanks to Lorna Webb for her permission to use this photograph taken whilst with us in June 2003)

1986 Death and funeral of John Davies,(died 16 June)  beloved brother of Sarah and Catherine and son of Hilary Davies and the late Owen Williiams Davies.  Reverend James Spanner officiated at the service. Reverend Ken Lindop, (St Mary's Cubbington)  although unable to participate in the service, was also present in congregation and we thank him for his support at this sad time

(with thanks to Lorna Webb for her permission to use this photograph taken whilst with us in June 2003)

1991 Wedding of Sarah Jane Davies and Andrew John Price on 27 April  in Holy Trinity.  Reverend Ken Lindop (St Mary's Cubbington)  officiated together with Reverend Robin Trew.
Andrew Price becomes Holy Trinity Organist and Assistant Director of Music, a post he held faithfully for nine years before moving to pastures new.

(with thanks to Sheila Mary Hayward for permission to use this photograph)

1998 Holy Trinity Church first appeared on the web.  This personal and unofficial web site for the church was instigated with the full blessing and support of the then Vicar, David Urquhart, who is now the Right Reverend David Urquhart, area Bishop of Birkenhead..
1999 The original Church Centre was demolished to make way for the Millennium project.
2001 The Spire Restoration is complete.
2003 The Doom Painting is almost restored to its full glory. 

26 November 2003. The passing of Sarah's mother, Hilary Doreen Davies at the age of 71 after a long illness bravely borne. Her funeral was held in Holy Trinity on 10th December.  Thanks to Keith for officiating at this service and also to Ken Lindop for taking part.

2004 The Doom Painting to be fully unveiled this year.


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