A view of the beautiful hand carved Victorian pews with "Polly" the Eagle Lecturn.  The lecturn masqueraded as a money box during 1649 - 1660.

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The Doom Painting - Characters Revealed!
(taken from the public display on the Doom inside the church)

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Select different parts of the painting to find out more about all of the characters and symbols that will soon be revealed on the Doom Painting when it is restored.  Some will take you to enlargements which we have created from our video footage.  Pictures also taken by ourselves of the Doom painting itself are also being added to show a direct comparison with the artist's impression seen here.  

 (Left): Christ's face.
Top right: Two of the Apostles.
(Bottom right): A pope and other redeemed souls below Christ's right foot and the Book of Evidence.


Christ raising his hands in judgement.  His robe open to show the wounds in His side. Click to see a close up of Christ on the painting itself too! The Virgin Mary bearing her breast to intercede on behalf of souls in torment The mouth of Hell. Depicted as an animal with fangs, nostrils and an eye.  Its gaping mouth is full of figures amidst the red flames of eternal fire The ball representing the earth. God's footstool.  The three divisions represent earth, sea and air The figures at Christ's feet, both redeemed and damned, include queens, kings, cardinals and popes St Peter tonsured to show his status as first pope St John the Evangelist young with blond curls Scroll with the words 'Venite benedicti Patris Mei' (Come ye blessed of my Father Matthew 25 v34) The book of evidence presented at the Last Judgement Scroll carrying the Virgin's plea on behalf of the damned The stairs to heaven figures of the dead still wrapped in their shrouds rising from their grave Fraudulent alewives (naked) chained together and being led towards Hell by a demon.  Onlookers would have recognised them from their ale mugs and fashionable head dresses. Follow this link to find out the historical perspective on these characters and how important they were Graves set in a flowery green meadow The Twelve Apostles sit either side of Christ A pope leads the redeemed to heaven St Peter figures of the dead still wrapped in their shrouds rising from their grave The gate of the Heavenly Jerusalem figures rising from their graves, hands rasied in alarm An angel blowing the Last Trump A horned devil carrying a figure over his shoulder Scroll with the words 'Discedite a me maledicti in ignam aeternam' Depart from me ye accursed into the eternal fire. Matthew 25 v41 John theBaptist can be seen here identifiable by his dress: a camel-skin robe from which a hoof still dangles. (Matthew 3v9)  See also an actual photo of St John the Baptist taken from the Doom itself by ourselves for direct comparison with the artist's impression A sword pointing from John the Baptist to Christ. It is most unusual to see this pointing from Christ's mouth towards the damned. (Revelation 19 v15) a carved figure which formed part of the overall scheme.  It may have been seen as the fugure of Judas Iscariot in the depths of hell A group of chained figures being let to the mouth of hell

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